Sunday, May 22, 2011


We had a real good discussion among friends about ego. Isn't it funny how it helps you do good things you thought you couldn't do and bad things you are ashamed of later?

My ego was always big enough for three people. When it was focused on doing good, I am amazed what God accomplished with it. I guess that is strength. When it was focused on ME it went wild and caused a lot of harm.

You have to have some ego to teach a group of youngsters that don't want to be there anymore than you do. At least I had the desire to do some good and take care of myself financially but that can be difficult for a student or another person to see.

If a teacher didn't have some ego, it would be like throwing a piece of meat to Doberman Pinchers. It wouldn't be pretty. I have seen that and it is painful to watch. We have all seen people in positions torn to pieces in such situations.

That is why helping others to see and learn is so painfully difficult. It' easier to just do it yourself but doesn't help the other person one iota. If you succumb to it you become an enabler and people pleaser and no one accomplishes anything worthy.

When I am stuck on ME it's even worse. I don't care what anyone else thinks or wants, I just want to please me. That becomes very self destructive. Hmmm, that describes the mess in our country pretty well right now.

Some farmers around here have pretty big ego's. I like the humble ones. The big ego guys have all this machinery, all this high priced land, all this debt and all this worry over it. One field of corn up between here and Columbus, now that is pretty humbling. We have all these grand plans and schemes and Mother Nature says Halt, not so fast there young(0ld) man.

Everything needs sprayed and planted before this ongoing week of rain coming. It's not going to happen. The big ego gets pounded down with the hammer of life.

So, I will just give this day to the Lord who created it and "be happy myself and play square with others." Together we can get through this and alone we don't get much done.

Such it is today, Sunday, May 2011.

I hope you enjoy it.

Ed Winkle

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