Friday, May 13, 2011


Liam got to visit us yesterday from Cleveland. We had a blast.

His darned old allergies were acting up before he got here and his poor little eyes were almost swollen shut when he left. Like me he hates weeds and pollens so we sprayed and pulled and chopped weeds. You wouldn't think a five year old would hate weeds as much as I do but he does.

He drove the 1755 pedal tractor plenty and we got into the big tractors and shot some basketball in the shop. Of course his favorite thing is the pillow fight in the extra bedroom and the dust mites and feather down probably was not good on either one of our allergy problems.

We had a hamburger and french fries for supper and some snow pea pods and vegetables until a broccoli suddenly attacked me from his plate. He had never done that before so that got a warning from grandma. We get a little crazy when we get together.

Of course we had to wash it down with berry juice and milk and some more berries on top of that for dessert.

He sure is a fun guy, reminds me so much of my dad and I it isn't funny. He told his other grandpa he was going to be a farmer. I think he will be able to do whatever he wants. He sure had grown since the picture.

Grandma got to play with grandson Tyler today in Columbus. That little guy will be able to do whatever he wants, to. He is all boy and has a vocabulary for a two year old you wouldn't believe. He is very hands on, too.

Grandkids are so special and we have a passle full. One is smarter than the other, never saw such a bunch.

What a great bunch of kids they are.


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