Monday, February 14, 2011


Valentine is an old, old name given to a few people. The martyr's named Valentine has made it a special word since Christ and many died to the faith for their belief.

That day has carried on through today when flower shops and candy vendors have their best day of the year. I saw a report on one lady who has been planning for todays onslaught of flower purchases since December. She seemed to be ready.

Our local Kroger store was sure ready. The men were lined up bying flowers and candy and what not for their sweeties. Thousands of dollars changed hands in minutes.

It reminds me of June Bowling's shop in Blanchester. She had a big banner across the back of the sales counter that read, "How bad did you screw up?" I always thought that was a good line for a flower shop.

Hopefully none of us did that too the point we had to buy flowers or whatever for our mates but out of true love and devotion. No flower in the world would make up for my screw ups so that isn't even an option for me and would be lame if I tried it.

Valentine's Day gifts are just for that special love between two people and that's the way it should be. Romantic love is only one kind of love but it is an importtant one, one we all seek and admire.

Reading that link made me think of this day of one's love and devotion to the point that person would give their life for this person. For the marytrs, it was God Himself. This day was a feast day in the Catholic church until 1969 when Pope John Paul thought better of it.

So like most holidays, this one is meant to focus one thing we should be doing every day. A brand new year January 1, decorate the graves and give tribute to freedom thanks to soldiers on Memorial Day, Independence on July 4, Thanksgiving for the end of the harvest season and the birth of God Himself though Christ on Christmas.

I always thought February 14 was a made up holiday to sell greeting cards but when you study history, it means much more than that. It represents something I should be doing everyday, in this case, love and devotion.

So this day is for you, LuAnn, as every day is. The wheat crop out our back door is our example of fertility as life springs forth from the earth once more.


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