Friday, February 4, 2011


Tuesday I have the honor of being the lead speaker at the first meeting of the Virginia NoTill Alliance. I had that honor in Pennsylvania years ago and now Pennsylvania is a leader in no-till practices in the United States and not because of my talk but because we all came together to help one another.

Say a little prayer for me that I get there and back safely and leave a firm impression that no-till has the power to improve farming and farm operations in the state of Virginia.

Virginia is very important in the history of the formation of this country. Heinrich or Henry Winkle took the big plunge across the Atlantic in the 1700's and sailed to America to spread the Winkle family across our country and thus I am here.

I can't imagine the fear and excitement in crossing the ocean in a little sailing vessel to start anew in an unkown land. What could cause a person to leave Europe to settle a new land in those days? The history must be rich as many Europeans took this challenge.

There is a plaque on a state road in Rockingham County where the Future Farmers of Virginia was started and became the Future Farmers of America and now the National FFA Organization which has been so important to my family.

There is another plaque along a road in Kentucky where many of those people migrated to and where no-till farming practices were started in the 50's and 60's. Now no-till has also spread across our great country.

I trust I can share my passion for no-till in Virginia as they look to improve their soil, the foundation of all farming practices. Through my mistakes I have learned certain basic techiques that work anywhere, even in New Zealand. Soils can be saved and improved while farm profits increase.

That is my message. I hope through my talk I can get it across.


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