Monday, February 21, 2011


Ford wins Daytona, now that is a surprise! If Junior couldn't win and the Busch's didn't win, Trvor Bayne was a popular surprise in farm country! It was the Wood Brother's first win there for 35 years? You have to give them an A for effort!

One thing the new pavement at Daytona did was make drivers work together and the driver doing the pushing couldn't win but just make the car in front him go faster.

We saw what happened when they tried to get around, massive car pile ups! It's a crazy way to race but that what equality in NASCAR has come to, the power of the draft.

We rented a Ford Focus after our Ag Cruise. It was one of the few cars available with the massive storm in the Northeast so I got my first shot at driving a new Ford. True, it wasn't a Fusion and a stripped down Focus at that but I quickly learned we won't be buying a Ford.

The one thing I can say is it is pretty easy on fuel and runs OK. As far as creature comforts, it had none. Our backs were hurting in an hour. The seat is the wrong angle and there was no way to adjust it comfortably to come close to our Buick or Silverado which we can drive all day without much pain.

I couldn't see the clock or much of anything on the dash but the speedometer. It didn't feel safe for a little car and I would hate to get hit in the side or anywhere on that little car. It truly is a tin can. It had rattles at 8000 miles already.

You have to admire the recovery Ford has made since the economic crash without taking our government money to stay alive but this car or my friend's pickups don't show why. I wouldn't own their diesel pickup even if I liked the truck. That engine takes too much money to keep running.

At least LuAnn made a little money on her Ford stock but Deere and Caterpillar and Farmer Mac has put those earnings to shame. If you love Ford, God love you, because it doesn't work for me.


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