Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More on Christchurch

I am sure you have seen the footage from Christchurch, south island of New Zealand.

I felt kind of funny making the decision in the Pellow house whether or not to visit both islands or fly to my friends farms in the Queensland of Australia. Both have been ravaged, one by earthquake, one by flood.

We could have stayed in the maize area of North Island flew to Queensland and flew back for our appointments on the North Island. I always wanted to visit Australia since my first contact with a farmer via Morse Code in Queensland in the early 60's.

Our hosts had travelled both islands of New Zealand so they encouragef us to focus our limited stay in New Zealand. They were right.

Now a year later, some of the great things we saw lay in rubble. It kind of mimics our lives, here today, gone tomorrow.

It is all overwhelming, no wonder some people never leave their birth area. My reading and curiosity led me to new places on new land to me and new people. It has been a great experience, one I can never give you full appreciation of.

Right now I am waiting on my Friend from Oregon to call back so we can connect at lunch. He produces seed we use for cover crops and we visited his farm two years ago, now is my time to pay back the favors he showed us.

He produces the largest radish seed I ever saw and is seeking seed companies to sell his product to. I will help him any which way I can. His area also produces the famous Oregon rye grass that is an important cover crop for many farmers here in the east.

The Internet has connected me to all these people. The power of the Internet, see what it is doing in the Middle East. It is a force to be reckoned with. Shut it off and you will see revolts like you have seen on TV. Wow, it is really powerful and has improved my life.

It looks like they will find more bodies today in Christchurch. The Internet can help us connect and see how each other are doing in times of peril like this.

Don't ever underestimate the power of technology, it has really taken a foothold.

I would rather be looking at these beautiful flowers in Christchurch right now but all of the tourists have been shuttled to a safer place.


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