Wednesday, February 16, 2011


For our Valentine's dinner we went to a Mexican restaurant in Hillsboro. Do you eat Mexican prepared food?

I never knew what it was when I was a kid and had my first pizza in that town as a teenager.

It seems like every town has at least one Chinese and one Mexican restaurant these days. I think the Chinese came first but the Mexican and others have really come on strong.

We have eaten at some of the best Mexican restaurants there are across the southwest. Arizona, New Mexico and Texas come to mind. Even Columbus Junction, Iowa where our friends took us out to eat while visiting their farm.

The food at this place was as good as any of them to me. I wasn't even that hungry but the two big plates of food was soon gone. I had some kind of beef, shrimp and chicken cooked with vegetables on a hot plate and was served a side of lettuce, tomatoe, sour cream, refried beans and rice to compliment it. They brought out big torillas to eat the mix on.

Every way I tried it, every bite was good. It was so good I made an effort to give them a review on Google. It really was that good.

Maybe the next time won't be so delightful but I can't wait to try again.

I won't say it is my favorite food but every once in awhile I get a desire to eat it. I don't think I ever had a bad meal prepared that way.

Tonight is sausage and kraut and potatoes and asperagus, home style, which is hard to beat too but it is special when you get a meal prepared for you for a good price in a good atmosphere.

For you locals and visitors, I highly recommend this place.

I didn't take a picture of it so the picture you see is something I could prepare myself.



  1. I have found some incredibly terrible Mexican and Chinese restaurants in the Midwest. The Mexican restaurants here seem to be slipping as well. I don't really understand why as people I talk with seem to prefer food that tastes authentic-or as close as you can get in the USA.
    It seems like so many Mex restaurants buy their red sauce in 55 gal drums from the ACME restaurant supply store, right next to the drums of bland pizza sauce. Oh, I guess that place is called SISCO not ACME...
    When I come to get that White 170 I will take you out to dinner...

  2. There is some incredibly terrible Mexican and Chinese restaurants in the miwest, no doubt.

    I avoid those places like the plague. Montezuma's Revenge.

    If you come, the dinner is one me and this would be one choice.

  3. They scour the globe searching for the best of the best, and exclaim over their favorite unexpected hole in the wall Mexican food joints where chain restaurant tacos just cannot compare. phoenix Mexican restaurant