Saturday, February 26, 2011


February has marched right on by us, where did it go? It is a short month anyhow but how could time move so quickly? Just a year ago we were teaching and visiting in New Zealand and now that seems like a long time ago. Here we are learning about palenta from our hosts.

I read with interest Mike Bumpus's post on malware. His laptop is infected like my PC is. I still need a blogger class and now I need a malware class also.

These crafty evil monsters dream up these ways to infect our computers and then turn them loose on us. Every time we open an app or application we are subject to infection and the longer we are on there the more chance there is.

I found this article really interesting. What are we to do? Hang up the computer and turn off the switch? We are too addicted I mean connected so we can't do that! We just find another tech, short for technician and buy some more software!

It is like my old friend who takes 9 pills a day and his wife 13. They take pills to fight pills. Sad state of affairs but that is how it is!

So if I bought a new computer today and it had anti everything on it, would it even work? It might get me to HyMark Blogspot but that is about it. My site might even be infected but it looks like Google is a lot smarter than I am.

They are smart enough and powerful enough to be linked to revolution in the Mideast. That is a whole different subject and we won't go there today.

Mike and I and everyone else, we just want a computer that works and doesn't get infected.

I don't think they have invented that yet.


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