Friday, February 11, 2011


An old cynic has showed up on ag talk again. He has done more to bash people than ever lift anyone up. I am sure glad they can't say that about me.

This means the good guys will be tipping toeing around him or just quit posting so good exchange between people will slow down and stop. That is bad for an ag forum and bad for people in general.

I have become much more cynical over my age but just to trash every idea another person comes up with isn't good for people. It isn't good for society.

Maybe that is how President Obama feels as even people in his own league have bashed him. It seems like he can do little right, yet he is our president.

Some people just have a mean disposition, don't they? I don't understand what makes them so mean. I just treasure being around people who are happy all the time. How can I be mean or sad around them? They are God's true blessings to me.

Sometimes I get in a bad mood and I am not even fit to be around. In my experience most people are that way. But I don't like being there and I do work to get better and see things on the positive side as quick as I can.

So many cynics have went down with the ship and I never ever wanted to be there. Yet, sometimes I do a little bit but I don't feel right when I do and is surely no way to bring up children and grandchildren.

Things can't be honky dorey all the time but sometimes when you don't have something good to say you just shouldn't say it. Patience and temperment are hugely important things I should strive for and I surely respect in others.

Cynics come and cynics go just like the rest of it. There is a time to be cynical but to spend your life in it? I just see that as a life of misery.

Lord don't let me be a cynic.



  1. I'm more than a little cynical myself, but there IS a line a person shouldn't cross. Any time people disagree, there is a chance someone will get their feelings hurt, and that's life. However, when hurting someone is the goal, then cynicism has turned into sinfulness.

  2. Well I must have missed that thread on agtalk but I will have to check it out. Similar things going on at red power with some S**t disturbing going on. Some attribute it to winter time "cabin fever" and there may be something to that. Some people have too much time and too little to occupy themselves.

  3. Oh man, I have not been watching NAT again. I can't read Frank W. James, Gorges Grouse, Ralph's Ramblings and HyMark High Spots and keep up with NAT.
    My favorite angry confrontation was the won about how to clean oil off of a cat and some wag suggested a match. Man that brought the folks out of the woodwork.
    Perhaps someone will do some cynic baiting.
    Perhaps I should post some more photos of ratty old farm equipment and me getting stuck.
    PS, I found a nice White 170 near you. Any chance you would buy it for me? I promise I'd come visit you and comment on your blog every day for the next 20 years!

  4. Oh it is not just one person but one person can stir up the anti everything sentiment pretty easily. I just don't like it when nothing is said for the good and the naysayers stack up in line. But it is a free board and you about have to commit a crime to get kicked off.