Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Prayers to Christchurch

This morning I offer prayer to my new friends in New Zealand. We were in Christchurch a year ago. It was one of the most beautiful cities we have ever visited. The operating word is was.

The devastating second earthquake has just about finished her off after September's gigantic earthquake and the resulting aftershocks.

This morning's news shows the devastated streets we walked just a year ago. I saw so many buildings and things I remembered, now laying in rubble.

New Zealand is the most beautiful tropical island and there are two, formed by volcanoes. Their soil is mostly volcanic ash. They can grow anything thanks to this rich soil and their climate.

Christchurch is on the south island, my farmer friends live on either island.

I got an email from the north island this morning and my farmer friend quoted their Prime Minister, "this is a dark day for New Zealand."

Kiwi's are such beautiful people, so strong and resilient yet so mild, meek and humble. Their motto is, "no worries." LuAnn and I would be blessed to live there among them and it is that enticing.

Their strength and resiliency has been tested, and tested severely. I pray they are safe and can overcome their loss. It is a huge loss for them. The main cathedral near the square may be destroyed and I imagine those beautiful buildings we walked from downtown to the Botanical Gardens are very damaged.

I would think the trolley is not operational, maybe someone can update this for me.

We pray for New Zealand and are able to send help, just let us know your needs. I know you well enough you won't ask for anything. If you do, it's far worse than the news portrays.

The greatest thing I learned about your country is your people. Cheeriest people I ever met, backed with friendship and hospitality. Your country is beautiful, from north to south. We depend on many of your seeds from the south island that holds the rich Canterbury Plains south of Christchurch.

So of course, my heart is out to you and my prayer. We do hope you recover.

Blessings to New Zealand,

Ed Winkle


  1. Ed, they'll have my prayers for a while. -Gorges

  2. Mine too, Gorges. How do you pronounce your name? I have never seen a first name like yours but I think it is like George?