Thursday, February 3, 2011

Storm Cost

This storm has cost our nation a lot of money. I wonder how much?
Travel and achool and business have come to a crawl as we all just try to survive until the next round comes. That looks like Saturday in Southern Ohio.

One farmer lost his life shoveling off his barn roof when he accidentally fell through one of those cheap skylights found in so many pole barn roofs. Another man accidentally hit a propane tank plowing out his barnyard and is 60% burned and not expected to live.

A jogger was blown into Lake Michigan? Why would you risk your life jogging in 60 MPH winds? Another person became disoriented and fell into Lake Michigan with the Lake Shore Drive jam?

Dr. Taylor showed us a proven 89 year cycle based on solar radiation. Another decadal or 10 year cycle is known which does not fall closely to sun flares. Australia has been beaten with rain and storms and you know the story in the states or where you live.

This has been a costly winter.

I hope you are safe.


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