Friday, February 18, 2011


Somehow I got my hard drive infected again.

I was cruising along this morning doing my daily Internet routine when my computer came to a halt. No blue screens or anything, it just came to the point it wouldn't compute anymore. That point where you type a letter and it comes up a second later which seems like forever.

That is the second time this winter. Now it has to go to a technician who knows more than I do and I admit that isn't very much. When it works it's great, when it doesn't, it is useless.

It's like getting dirty fuel in your tank and you feel the engine slowing down and coming to a halt. It may run a little bit but it won't perform.

I use email and the Internet so much I probably need a spare computer. LuAnn told me that the last time it crashed.

I should have done something then but I didn't do it. I wish I knew more about operating systems. I had the opportunity but I am an outdoors guy most of the time and I didn't do it.

It is so complex today you have to take your hat off to your technician when you have a problem. Without him you are stalled, dead in the water. Just like the high speed farm operation today depending on its mechanic. The day is pretty much gone where you have the time or expertise to fix it yourself.

We live in such a high speed, high tech, computer chip generated world today. It's great when it works but it stinks when it doesn't.

How do you keep your computer and computer dependednt equipment working?

It sure is warm out. It is so warm it makes you want to plant something and it might be a good time to plant some cole crops.

Ed Winkle

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