Monday, February 28, 2011


What a storm blew through a few minutes ago! It had been building all night and one wind gust felt like it was going to blow the big old bedroom window out on top of us. Seriously, it was that strong. But nothing like the earthquake in New Zealand.

I hope all my readers are safe, this storm runs way back to Nebraska. The edge of the storm that passed through is like a knife. When it gets like I will have to go assess the damamge, I hope it is below the deductible but I heard a lot of thins blow off last night.

I know there is steel off the bins and old barn, I heard it. I know that sound by now, it has happened several times. It probably took off every weak pecan limb and I bet there is enough kindling in the yard to start many fires.

Pickemupstix, ever play that game? The older grandkids are old enough to play. My main man Liam won't be able to play with us very often. We bid them goodbye last night as they move to Cleveland this week for Will's new job. It is very bittersweet.

We could tell Liam doesn't want to go but he has no choice. We talked about adjusting to his new life and how we could still see each other. Oh the pain and the joy!

LuAnn and I both had that happen to us when we were 5 or so. My parents bought a new farm near nowhere New Hope on Stoney Hollow Road and her parents moved her from a comfortable suburb to a farm in the middle of nowhere, Alabama School System in New York.

At least we have some experience to commiserate with him. It all turned out good and his experience will too.

These fuel prices are going to eat into our traveling money and our farm profits this year.

That's the way it is at HyMark on the last day of February.

Can you believe the new year is 1/6 gone?


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