Sunday, February 27, 2011


My little buddy is moving away. That could make me really sad and out of sorts. His dad got a job with NASA in Cleveland so it will be about 3 hours to Liam's new pad.

But I have always taught me kids to be independent and here is the fruit of my labor. I don't have to tell you Liam and his mom Becky are two of the neatest and smartest people I ever met. By neat I mean extraordinary, not the typical meaning like picking up your clothes.

The family all prayed for this job and now the realization sets in. I can't drive to them in 15 minutes!

We had a good day yesterday. I went to my aunt's 89th birthday party. 5 of the 10 Winkle cousins were able to make it so I thought that was very good. Jane is weakening but still holding up really well for 89 years of life. She said one more year and I am 90 years old and I told here I sure hope you make it.

I think I may end up buying a new computer soon. They are a dime a dozen compared to other thins I buy and I tired of not having my workstation in front of me. I don't want a laptop or a Iphone, the screen and keys are too small for me. I probably spend a third of my time asleep and 1/5 in my office, so my work station is important to me. I am surprised I can even get by for a time without it.

So it's a melancholy day, I hope I don't get the Sunday blues. LuAnn and I talk about it and it is something deep in our background and in our souls that happen after a hard week, a fast weekend, church and the onset of a new week. I don't know how else to describe it.

The focus has been family and business here. We have to sign our loan paper for the year and Tuesday is the first day of March. By the 15th we have to have our crop insurance in order. I wish I could go self insured as it has never paid for me but I can't stand one bad open year and this fickle weather could be the indicator this is it.

I am bold about a lot of things but not my assets. I worked too darn hard to get them. So I hold onto to the things I can control and try not to worry about the things I can't.



  1. Florine and I have nine grandchildren. Four are within fifteen minutes, three within an hour and a half, and two are three hours away. There are advantages and disadvantages with each distance. The key point, as you indicated, is allowing each family to be independent from you regardless of the time interval. It is probably easier for us as grandparents to adapt to whatever the situation happens to be.

    Ron Swanson

  2. Thanks for the support Ron! Family is all some of us have and some unfortunate souls don't even have that.