Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Value of Music

After church today I was thinking about the value of music in our lives.

It is quite a gift when it is pleasant to the ear.

I searched the subject on Google and came up with an explanation I thought was pretty well described.

" Music offers an opportunity to experience the pleasure of self-expression at a new level, opening exciting vistas of self-satisfaction. So much of our educational system is "impressionistic."

Students are given the material and the better they can repeat it, the higher the grade they get. There is little chance to "create" or add a personal touch to the assignments. In fact, individuality is often discouraged.

Music class is a place which is "expressionistic" and students are encouraged to put their own thoughts and feelings into their music-making. This offers a much-welcomed change from the normal learning process.

The veteran musician knows that music speaks to something more subtle than the intellect; it speaks to the very soul of human kind. Music is woven into the fiber of our life, our spirit. We are moved, changed, alerted to a new sense of knowing by experiencing music. Think of your reaction when you hear Handel's "Messiah," or witness a fine band marching down the street at the local parade or feel the heart-wrenching plea of a talented blues singer. We know there is happy music, sad music, music for celebrations, and music to soothe wounded emotions. What else can generate such feelings?

Music stretches one's understanding of self, which in turn helps us understand others. And every musician will quickly tell you it stimulates a part of the mind which opens our imagination, bringing about a highly intellectual activity we have come to call joy. "

I think we all love good music. I know I do. The Ohio State Marching is one of those groups that really inspire me and have since I first heard them live in 1968.

It must be the brass and the Military aspect that bring that music to life for me.

I listened to my parents and their families talk about the band.

I grew up playing trumpet in a small school and I remember the hours and hours of practice.

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