Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ohio State's Farm Science Review

This is one of my most fun days of the year, the Ohio State Farm Science Review.

I was in meetings all day yesterday and last nights big get together at Southwest LandMark, one of our suppliers and partners was a good way to finish off the day. The green beans and roast beef were so good but there wasn't anything bad there.

The best thing was we got to talk to family members of the family we bought this farm from. It was pretty neat.

The main thing I noticed was we are getting old. Most of the farmers there were my age or older. There were a few young guys there but not enough.

Some say it was always that way but I bet not when this territory was settled. We call yesterday anicent history when this farm was only established just over 100 years ago. That is modern history to me.

I hope my legs can carry me around today because I just hate to say I am old enough or lazy enough to ride a UTV around the grounds. You miss so much driving but it sure gets hard on your feet.


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