Sunday, September 13, 2009


How in the world does a poor old farmer manage all these pictures? It's gotten out of hand. I have thousands.

I finally got the new 1000 pictures from the trip downloaded and trying to sort them some but there are so many.

Sonny's program that comes with the CyberShot arranges them by time and date. That is good until you get pictures every hour of every day!

The first picture I will share is Keith's amazing soybeans. Building better soils that produce better yield crops that result in more profit are my passion.

Keith is a real personable farm boy like me. We have so much in common until you get into his fields then he blows me out of the water. He did his homework and fieldwork sooner than I did.

His farm and his machinery is nothing fancy but the earth under his feet is really fancy. There is very little of it on this planet.

Ten years of Power Lime at one ton an acre has increased his soil capacity greatly.

I have enough to write about from this trip for the next many months, past the time I will get sick of it and move on.

Balancing checkbooks and bills right now and anxious to put 09 in the bin and 010 in the ground.



  1. Tell me more about this "powerlime"

  2. It is a Cargill byproduct Paul. Works really well, high in calicum and trace of micro's. It could be called a type of gypsum, fly ash product.

    I am trying to rail ship to me but you are close enough to truck I think.