Monday, September 21, 2009

Barn Quilts

We finally met with Diane Murphy last night and signed up for the county Bicentennial Barn Quilt Project. The old barn on Martinsville Road should look even better with the barn quilt pattern we picked.
Can you imagine the pattern that will be displayed on this side of the barn? I don't have it to upload at this time.

It is an eight by eight foot hand painted mural of a popular quilt pattern from years gone by. The one we chose was Optical Illusion which should be interesting viewed from SR 28, the old Chillicothe Pike.

"Mission statement: The mission of the Clinton County Bicentennial Commission is to promote awareness of our rich heritage, encourage citizens and communities to plan activities and sponsor events in celebration of two hundred years of history, and to envision the promise of the future."

The mural will be blue and gold like the Grange and FFA colors I spent my life with. There is still nothing like a Blue and Gold FFA jacket to me.

Diane reminded me at the end those aren't the Scarlet and Gray colors of my Alma Mater, the Ohio State University. I felt the dread move up my spine as I know my Buckeye friends would tease me. But this design is because my lifetime involement in FFA, the most important organization I have ever been involved with, not just Ohio State.

I can see neighbor Gary getting a good chuckle out of it every time he heads for work as those colors are the ones used by Moeller High School, Notre Dame Univesity and god forbid, the team from up north.

We tried to come up with one that would symbolize corn or corn and soybeans but nothing came together. This pattern just stood out to me and LuAnn had it in her top five patterns. At least she found the pattern first.

"All's well that ends well," so we will see how this works out.

Ed Winkle

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  1. I am getting curious how this pattern will look on this barn!