Saturday, September 19, 2009


This week went quickly. I know LuAnn had a lot of catching up at Turning Point and don't know where my week went! We are almost ready for harvest but there are always last minute details.

We went to Farm Mass Friday night. It is always special, Mass on a farm out in the open. The Holy Spirit came down and I saw grown men with tears in their eyes. We are all pretty thankful for our blessings this year.

Three of the grandcildren came for a visit yesterday and it was very special. The little ones change so quickly. It is very interesting to see your children become parents too.

Last night a German band from the Black Forest region of Germany played for the church Oktoberfest. I really enjoyed the music.

Next week is Farm Science Review and some important business meetings. It is almost time for the Brown County Fair, too, the Little State Fair in Georgetown!

I went to an auction yesterday to bid on a wagon and the beans were almost ready to cut there. My first field of corn is dead dry, the green is gone from it. Won't be long now!

Ed Winkle

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