Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Combine for Ed

When Ed stopped by our farm a week or so ago he mentioned that this was the first time in over a thousand miles he had seen a White combine. Well here is a photo of run actually running.
We are just finishing our harvesting. This was a field of montezuma hay oats which I no-tiled late in May. They came form someone I was planting for and were left over from the year before. Lots of mouse damage and half-eaten seeds.
Then we got some heavy rain after the oats were up and the low spots in the field died. So, I found another pallet of seed that was mouse damaged. In this case it was Cayuse oats. I figured they were just going for hay anyway so what did it matter.
When the seed company that we were growing barley for heard we had the Montezuma oats they wanted them for seed. So, we had to combine the Cayuse seperately and also the transition areas where there was a mixture of Cayuse and Montezuma.
The Cayuse is really yielding well. One pass down and back and 1/2 way down again in a 10 acre field with a 16ft head filled the old 8600 White.
The White has been in line for an overhaul for a couple years. But, it worked quite well in the oats. I think the old Whites were pretty good combines.
But I guess it is kind of like my mother used to say, "Poor people have poor ways..."

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  1. Greeie Wells has a field full of them just south of me Budde. Enjoyed this article. I always knew that famous White Rotary combine would become special someday! That Massey Rotary is a good one!