Saturday, September 12, 2009


Last night we received a great compliment. We saw one of our landlords at the Clinton County Corn Festival and they said "Ed, that is the best crop that was ever raised on this farm."

What do you say when you hear that but "thanks?" The soil test was one of the lowest I ever sampled 5 years ago. I invested extra money into the fertility program so we could both make money.

When I rent a farm my first goal is to make it profitable. By doing this I have to spend money to make the money I want to earn. The landlord and I both benefit. You have spend money to make money but you must know were to spend it.

This is where the soil test I use comes into play. It really works for me. It is the same test I used as a child and many used before me. It's been around 100 years or so.

The next thing is crop rotation. I like to really mix up the crop load or "diversify your rotation like Dr. Beck proclaims. Sure would have liked to seen him when we went through Pierre but that was Labor Day.

All in all landlord relations are critical. That comment just made my day yesterday, that is why I rented that farm, to make a profit and be appreciated for doing it. Landlords do take notice of what you do.

Ed Winkle

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