Friday, September 11, 2009


No matter how far you travel and how much you see, there is no place like home.

Jason has the place looking really spiffy and even got the barn painted. We never mowed so much grass in one year.

I can't wait to share my pictures and I could load them right now but those 1000 photographs is more than I want to load onto this hard drive.

So I think I will join the Nikon website tomorrow and try to put them up for all to see.

LuAnn put up 4 buckets full of tomatoes today, she squealed when every canned jar popped. We need to put up about another ten dozen of sweet corn but we are about out of freezer space. With all those grandkids, you can't have too much food.

One jar didn't pop so looks like stewed tomatoes and home macaroni and cheese tomorrow, one of my favorites. I remember getting burned out on it as a child.

We went to the Corn Festival tonight. What a change from last year after the news that DHL was closing. It was terrible.

Tonight the mood was a little better after a long year of hardships for many.

The whole country got too big for its britches and we were no different in Clinton County.

The farmers here have a really good crop and that should help bolster the local economy. When the farmers hurt, we all hurt whether we realize it or not.


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