Sunday, September 20, 2009

Farm Science Review

This week is Farm Science Review for Ohio farmers. It takes place on permanent grounds north of London Ohio, thanks to beneficiary Molly Caren.

It has become one of the premier farm shows in Ohio. It draws over 100,000 people each year.

It has always been one of my favorite things to do each fall. I took students and farmers to the Review by the busloads for most of my working life.

This year I will focus on pesticide spraying equipment. It is time for us to look into spraying our own crop. Spraying is one of those high return on investment jobs farmers can do themselves.

It takes a permanent staff and thousands of volunteers to put the review on. It is a major effort, is a really big deal for those involved whether you are working or viewing the exhibits and asking questions.

The review is not for the week, it takes at least a day to walk the 40 acre exhibit area unless you literally run past the exhibits. Many older and disabled farmers attend thanks to the many devices allowed to access the grounds for those who can't walk the entire display.

If you try to watch equipment in operation across the 1000 acre property it takes more than one day to accomplish that while visiting the exhibits.

It looks like there is some rain across Ohio, it is almost raining here now. If it doesn't rain, farmers could be starting harvest and if it does rain at the site you can't see much equipment in operation.

Agriculture is highly weather dependant and the review is no different.

If you are a local reader of this blog I hope to see you at the review.

Ed Winkle

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