Thursday, September 17, 2009

Field Days

Today is my friend's Pioneer Field Day.

Looks like beautiful weather for it. I was the extension agent there for a time so I always get treated special. It is a good thing to have and appreciate.

The plots are always on our main road, the Chillicothe Pike that connects Cincinnati and Chillicothe.

The food is always excellent, barbeque pork cooked by one of the local truckers and he always does a great job.

The wife will have all the side dishes in deep cafeteria sized trays.

Bruce is one of the smartest CCA farmers I know of and you always learn something new. CCA stands for Certified Crop Advisor and there are thousands of us in this country.

Pioneer is lucky to have him in their employ. The Liberty Link program looks good to me as an answer to all of the glyphosate or Round Up resistant weeds around here and most of them are also resistant to ALS herbicides which makes up most of your chemical availability.

So farmers don't have many choices and this looks to be a good one to me. I have several friends and clients who are also interested in the program since Bayer Ag Science has a good line up of Liberty tolerant soybean varieties.

The fields of resistant Marestail stick out like a sore thumb again this year. We have to do a better job of controlling weeds.

I like a good field day on a day like today and meet with farmers and friends. There will be a good crowd, there always is. It is one of those you know everyone there.

Next week is Farm Science Review near London, Ohio so crop performance is at the top of the charts at harvest. Might even have a little money left for machinery!

Ed Winkle


  1. I wanted to go to the GPS field day. I heard the Raven factory people were there. They would have probably got a real kick out of my ebay special GPS system. It is kind of funny. The local salesman may laugh at you but the factory Raven people are generally ok. They may scratch their heads and tell me the Raven 220 GPS is a little out of date but the chances are they would tell me how to find the most recent info.
    I didn't go as I was busy farming and Stanley the monster dog had stowed away in the back of my truck. Didn't want to deal with a giant friendly dog at a tractor field day...

  2. I see it is still dry out your way. How do you get enough moisture for what you are doing?