Sunday, September 6, 2009

Montana and Wyoming are Beautiful

I think Montana and Wyoming are about as pretty as we ever saw them. They got some rain this year and it didn't get so hot, just like home.

The ranchers still complained about the rain to make hay but there is hay stacked everywhere again. The cattle look in great shape.

The steaks prove it, they are really good! We ate at the Wyoming Rib and Chop place like we did years ago. The baby back ribs were really good!

King's Saddlery and Museum is a great stop here. Mr. King made saddles for many famous cowboys and movie stars. The museum is worth the trip.

My short list of most scenic towns in Wyoming includes: Sheridan, Pinedale, Jackson, Cody, Lander, Afton, Sundance. They are all right next to beautiful mountain ranges.

The big skies just make you want to sit there and watch.

"Like most towns in the western United States, Sheridan's early industries included cattle ranching, logging, coal mining, railroading, agriculture, and small factories including a flour mill, brewery, and sugarbeet refinery. Residents today find employment in many fields including nearby coal mines, education, coal bed methane extraction, health care, retailing, banking, law firms; city, county, and state government; real estate sales, hospitality, lumber, railroad, dude ranching, National Forest, home construction, and a large number of small businesses, farming, and ranching."

Of course we prefer the farming and ranching.

Our trip in a lifetime is quickly coming to an end. All good things must come to an end. Darn...



  1. Remember the song, turn me loose/set me free/somewhere in the middle of Montana? I always think of that when I here of someone going there.
    My friend has a gold claim in the Libby area. Once we went to the location of a movie set as he knew a person on the crew who had found a gold nugget. We hid a metal detector in his coat and tried to look casual. Found a national honor society pin, but no gold. Probably a story behind that.
    Hope I didn't run off all your readers!

  2. Oh I don't think you did! I think we lucked out and picked the best year possible to see what we saw this year. Actually it is a blessing from God but that is another story.

    Thanks again for your help.