Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Crazy Grandpa!

I am known in my family as the "crazy grandpa," and in this picture you can see why.  LuAnn asked me to pick up something for Tyler at Farm Science Review since we were going to his Grand Parents Day the day after the show ended.

The toy man on the SW corner was not there this year so I couldn't find any farm toys.  I basically didn't even have time to walk the review to find much of anything except certain people or companies I sought out or vice versa.

My friends at Crop Production Services gave me two of these Big Mouth Toys Beast Fist can coolers.  I thought they would make great super hero punching hands but LuAnn didn't think that was appropriate for Tyler's little gift at the Catholic school so Liam and Finn got them! 

Tyler got a child's Pioneer Seed hat which is famous in his family because his great grandpa Cleveland was a prominent Pioneer dealer in New York State.  He wore it proudly this weekend and got to drive the Mule, too!  One problem, he is like his dad, pedal to metal and full speed ahead!

My friends at Stewart Seeds gave me the smallest Stewart's Seed hat they had so Finn also ended up with it.  I can't wait to play Incredible Hulk in the basement of these two boys house.

We have some great fun in that basement but these kids are growing up too fast.  Finn will be four in two weeks and Liam will be nine in November.  Where do the years go?

Every minute is precious so give your kids a hug for me today, will ya?


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