Saturday, October 18, 2014

Clermont Soybeans

First call for the Clermont soybean variety.  I think they will sell out fast.  I am very impressed with them after 2 years of watching them develop.  I planted my first Clermont soybeans and encouraged my friends to do the same.  I've heard good things so far from Kentucky to Michigan.  Southern Ohio and Indiana growers are very interested in them.

Today I found many 4 bean pods in the June 28 planting so that tells me they have really good reproduction properties.  I saw that last year when the foundation seed made 85 bushels per acre in a Ohio State University Southern Region plot.  I certified seed locally through my inspection scouting and I have watched them grow since June, 2013.

Clermont non GMO soybeans were developed by Ohio State University soybean breeders.  They are 3.9 maturity with white flowers, light tawny pubescence, brown pods and the key thing to buyers, it is a black hilum soybean.  I wouldn't say its especially pretty but not as ugly as some beans are.  The beautiful thing is watching them grown and put on and fill all those pods.  They look similar to Dennison, a recent 3.5 maturity variety released by Ohio State.

I highly recommend the Ohio Public Soybean Releases.  They always perform well in the University testing program but more importantly, on the farm.  From 2.6 to 3.9 maturity, they've got your soybean needs covered.

Clermont is named after Clermont County Ohio and means clear mountains and hills, though the county is not mountainous.

Ed Winkle


  1. Whoops, that's Jacob variety in the bottoms but the top one is Clermont.

  2. 85 bpa and 4 bean pods would offset some of the losses in price...
    Clermont... Did they have some French settlers there, like they had Irish settlers in Dublin, Ohio? ;)

  3. What soil types do they perform best in? What dealer network sells them?

  4. They came out of the Ohio State soybean breeding program so they are available through Ohio Certified seed dealers. One is five miles away from me.

    I have them on rolling ground, bottom ground and flat ground. I have friends who have them on lakebed soils and rich cornbelt type soils. They look good in each situation but it is early for them, only the second year I've had any experience with them.

    Yes, Clermont is named after Clermont County nearby which comes from the French word.