Sunday, October 26, 2014

I need a real good Sunday Blog

I need a real good Sunday blog today but I don't have one.  It's been a rough month with little harvest, illness in the family and things just piling up.  I am farther behind this fall than I have been since we move here Memorial Day 2004.  My that was a wonderful year.

It is beautiful again today and I just give thanks.  I hope I can appreciate this day as it was intended.  I wish I could wave a magic wand a fix a bunch of things but I can't.  I just give thanks.

I am thankful for my wife and my huge family who are always there when you need them.  I give thanks for all my good friends who are here to help and listen and those who have passed.  I give thanks to the saints and angels and my guardian angel.

A troubled young man walked into Mass last night, LuAnn said he was sweating bullets.  I saw Father Hank look up very concerned and stopped his reading.  He firmly asked, "may I help you?"  The young man said he was finding a seat and found one near the front.  Father said "take a seat and please take off your hat."  He did.

It was very disconcerting to my wife and so many parishoners but I really felt for the young man and started praying for him.  He left before the Mass was over.

We have a lot of troubled people in this world and if we can see our blessings over our troubles I think that is a great blessing in itself.

I didn't have a good Sunday blog a minute ago but in the proper spirit, here it is!

Thank you Lord for your blessings today and help me be a positive force in the will to do good.

Ed Winkle


  1. I good message on a beautiful October morning. Blessings

  2. Ed, beautiful Church , driving through the countryside and seeing some pretty Majestic church's built in smaller farming towns you wonder how they did that costruction a 100+ yrs. ago . Sadly I think there is a lot of "troubled" people of all ages , maybe it was always like that and I didn't see it when I was younger or didn't understand it. Weather wise it been a trying year even though crops are generally really good , just not enough sunny days . Our DIL's Brother passed away this Month at 34 from Cancer and left behind a wife and 3 little kids. Last year two of our friends had to bury there children. What do you or can you say too comfort them ? Even the Preist at last funeral says he can't explain it . I am thankful like you for a good wife,good children and the love of grandchildren. Thanks for your Blog . regards-kevin in Ontario

  3. I cheated on that one and did not give proper due, that is the beautiful church in downtown Montreal I wrote about two months ago, Kevin.

    I think there ARE more troubled people than at my youth but I do think we are more aware. Media has helped but decline has made it obvious!

    On tragedy, I've convinced myself they are in a better place sooner because for whatever reason, it wasn't working down here. I hope I know the person well enough to hold them tight and I hope I have the guts to go check on them periodically. When I can do that, I am much more at peace because I really have to turn this all over to God. I can't do anything but what He taught me to do.

    That might be a good blog topic but my it is a tough one.