Monday, October 20, 2014

My Neighbors Weeds

I have one good neighbor who has a terrible weed problem.  I don't know him well enough yet to offer him any advice but I sure wish he would take some from somebody.

He is a kind old gent, probably a better man than I'd ever hope to be but his weed problem reminds me of what dad said they fought when he was a kid.  They are clear out of control and costing him big money and me a little.

If it were mine, the whole thing would be planted to cereal rye or at least sprayed with 2,4-D and Banvel this fall.  That would get us started.  He only raises soybeans so other crops are not an option and I am sure he wouldn't want to pay for planting cereal rye or a fall spray.

You read all of this great advice on Crop Talk but when it really comes down to applying them to your local situation, sometimes there just isn't a good answer.  I would love to rent the farm just to clean up the weeds but that isn't going to happen.  I would really like to own it but that is just as far a shot, too.

I am not whining but I am complaining.  These resistant weeds are going to eat our lunch unless we stay on top of them.

This is what happens when you farm in 2014 like you did in 2004.

Farming doesn't change much but it is continually changing.

Ed Winkle


  1. we farm in 2014 like it was 1967, is that a problem?

    1. Went from 40 hp to 70 hp with a new tractor. Perhaps I should have said 1955 when they got rid of the horses.

  2. Maybe he should reconsider his decision of growing soybean year after year. Obviously his practice does not result in improved results year after year but worse ones, so it's time for a change.
    Maybe he should try sugar beets: Thanks to this year's hottest September in 135 years, sugar concentration in beets is the highest. By the way, Russia and France come before the USA in sugar beet production, and both countries have access to all this Cuban cane sugar, you'd think they'd need less beet sugar than the USA! But then of course no country is anywhere near the USA production of corn and corn syrup... ;) The USA is not in the top 5 countries for yield though, but that's because all top 5 countries, most from the Middle East, are 100% irrigated, and probably have less of a weed problem too. (corn is "maize" in FAO parlance.)

  3. They look like really good beans to me. I think he just needs help in the weed control department.

    I just don't like weeds not because they cost me money, they are unsightly.