Friday, October 10, 2014

Happy Anniversary!

We all celebrate anniversaries of sorts, events, birthdays, what happened on this day, you name it.  15 years ago today I had my first date with LuAnn.

We decided on Geneva on the Lake at Lake Erie.  It was a beautiful fall Sunday and I drove the old 1990 Dakota.  Little did I know I would be driving that direction a whole lot more in the next 15 years!  I had an inkling though or we wouldn't have even decided to meet.  We had too much in common.

I remember sitting on the tailgate just kicking my legs back and forth  in anticipation when she pulled up in her shiny blue 1998 Expedition.  She pulled up  right behind me and my eyes focused on her license plates, SOIL H2O!

She hopped out and we gave each other a big hug and neither one of us had ANY trouble about what to say.  She brought pictures of her kids and I brought mine and we hadn't even mentioned it to each other before our date.  Those kids had no idea what their parents were getting them into but after 15 years I can say it was mighty good for all of us.

She prepared a picnic lunch and we enjoyed on a sunny picnic table.  She will always enjoy eating outdoors and that is something we do quite often.  I can still remember the homemade deli sandwiches and food to go with it.  We talked and talked and made plans for our next date a month later.

By Christmas we couldn't stand to be apart and shared everything.  I remember the awful feeling going home when I just wanted to be together.  Now I don't have any bad feelings going home and am thankful for it.

I was in such a daze on the way home October 10, 1999 that I ran out of gas on Interstate 71 and SR 38.  It was that long barren stretch and I watched hundreds of cars go by and me with no cell phone.  Now I seem to live on the darn thing.

Things have changed and time has flown but I remember 15 years ago as if it were yesterday.

Happy Anniversary, honey and here is to many more!



  1. You are so special.... Happy Anniversary 1st In Person date.... May you have many more years together to enjoy each other, your kids and grandkids. You both are one special couple... Eddie and Wilma

  2. Thanks, Wilma! We pray for God's Will for us and all of our family and friends. We have many on our prayer list.

    Blessings to all on this cool, wet October day!

    Ed and LuAnn