Sunday, October 12, 2014

Cool And Wet

2014 has went back to where it started in spring, cool and wet.  This wasn't a great year to get things planted on time around Martinsville and there is hardly any crop off today.  It's going to be a long haul to get these fields off.

We have had a couple of inches of rain this week, just when we didn't need it.  Our closest ethanol plant had an explosion and fire and that is going to back this crop even more, just when we needed it.  Bloomingburg grinds 100,000 bushels of corn or so a day and that has been down for a week.

Farmers are scrambling to get a place to store this crop and can't even deliver on contracts they if they wanted to deliver grain.  It's not a good place to be but that's where we are.  Much of the crop is not priced and we sure don't want to deliver corn at half the price we have in it.  It is not going to be a good year financially if we can even get all of the crop out.  We need a November like our September and the odds of that happening is less than 50-50 at this late date.

Farming is one thing but it is a way of life.  Few of us have been granted the opportunity to farm.  It is a great responsibility to feed and fuel and clothe and shelter the world.

We pray for our friends and family who are challenged today.  Many are going through serious illness and troubling times.  I ask the Lord to give them comfort and use me and you to bring a note of happiness to their lives.

God has granted us such grace to be in America and be who we are today.  Let me take the time to give thanks for my gratitude's and the strength to do the work ahead.  I grant my blessings today to those who need it even more than I do, there are so many in need and on our prayer list.

What can I do to make someone's day a little better today?

Ed Winkle

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