Wednesday, October 15, 2014

We Want Your Non GMO Corn

A friend in Illinois contacted me to see how much non GMO corn we could come up with in our area.

"We are establishing markets for 2014 and 2015.  Your corn must be 98.5% purity.  How do we establish that?

Send your grain(a pint of corn) samples to:
N27 BioAg Sciences
209 West Jessup Street
Rushford, Minnesota 55971

The cost is $150 per sample, this is not an inexpensive test to ensure buyers are getting a pure product.  Seed can be tested, too.  If you start out with 95% purity, it isn't going to improve in the field.

I am sending them a sample tomorrow.  There is nothing else I can do right now with the wet weather and I want to see what they say my purity is.

I've seen "non GMO" seed samples test positive for GMO.  I want to see how mine tests.

A 50 cent premium would be very handy right now to many local farmers who plant non-GMO corn.

On another note, I did get the Walmart Nitrogen link to work.  Click on Global Sustainability if you are interested, its a well designed video.  Tim Richter from Iowa and also farms in Missouri gives a plug for Adapt-N about 31 minutes into the video.  It is interesting to see how Walmart is taking interest in this, whether it is nitrogen, GMO or non GMO.

Ed Winkle

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