Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Last Fruits Of The Season

I picked the last of the peppers yesterday and was thinking about another year over.  Between them, our apples and our pears, they are the last fruits of this season.

Where did this year go?  It's been a tough year here with too much rain in May and now too much in October.  Very little has been harvested and we got another big rain yesterday we surely didn't need.  We are not as wet as southern Illinois from what I hear but we have our own problems.

Our main fruits, our corn and soybeans are still in the field.  This is what we work for and this is what pays the bills.  It will be good to ever get this crop in the bin.  I know many have more anxiety than I do because they have more on the line.

Ag PhD just called and asked if I would join in the discussion on continuous soybeans tomorrow at 3 pm EST on Sirius channel 80.  I haven't talked to Brian and Darren for awhile so I look forward to the discussion.

Many of my neighbors have done really well with continuous soybeans.  Several near by don't even own a corn head.  They plant beans year after year and do really well.  It may not be the number recommended practice but it sure works for lots of people in southern Ohio.

No matter what you produce, this year is over except for gathering, counting and distributing the harvest!  Therefore farming goes on every day from the last crop to next years.

We always look forward to next year in the hopes it will be better!

This one was really good if we can just get it harvested.

Ed Winkle

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