Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Absolutely Gorgeous Weather!

I bet the Little State Fair, the Brown County Fair at Georgetown had record crowds this year.  It was pretty packed by noon last week as many stop there for lunch.  There are so many things going on each day and the tractor pulls draw big crowds at night.

We have had a gorgeous week of weather for such activities.  Corn is drying down as fast as it can but much of it has a long way to go because some of it was planted late and the whole crop had less heat than last year.  Last year wasn't a record breaker for temperatures either, unlike the year before, the drought of 2012.

We spread a lot of gypsum this year and I got my first report this week.  A friend is shelling an old farm he's had for years and it's never produced over 180 bushels per acre before.  This year it broke 220 bushels per acre.  The farm is short in calcium and sulfur and we had enough rain this year to really make the gypsum work deep into the soil.  The roots are thicker and deeper and so are the cobs.

The late soybeans, and there are many in my area, really need a big rain event.  Nothing is forecast for the next week or the next month.  I imagine the yields on them will be disappointing but every year has its pluses and minuses.

One Ohio farmer I know delivered 165,000 bushels of new corn and 60,000 bushels of new soybeans to the market so far!  It is amazing how fast the big operations can harvest and move grain.

It looks like the weather is moderating now with highs in the 60's next week.

It's been a really nice stretch of good weather here in southwest Ohio.

Ed Winkle

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