Friday, September 12, 2014

Farm City Field Day

I took the time to go support my family yesterday at the Farm City Field Day held in Jackson County near Gallia County.  It was a good excuse to see my sister's family busy schedule and visit with them a bit.

The first thing I came across was Michael's soybean plots on the way to the main farm.  They are very eye catching and there was his seed man pounding in stakes to mark the different varieties.  I stopped and introduced myself and walked the plots. 

I got humbled in a hurry because there was 60 bushel beans planted into wheat stubble!  Those are probably the best double crop soybeans I've ever seen.  Jeff, the seed rep told me they were planted July 1, about the same time mine were planted.

I hope I can show you some pictures because I am having some problem with my camera interface right now.  The pictures clearly show what I am talking about.

Farm City days are a great time to get together and like Dave Samples from Extension said, farmers take pride in their place so it becomes a lot of work to clean up the place.  You could see Michael and others have doing that for the last month or more.  It reminded me of the 300 people eating in our front yard last summer and all of the American Farmer Degree visits we prepared for.

They prepared several stops on the 90 minute wagon tour.  They did a good job showing the diversity of a cattle and grain farm and all the things that have to happen to make it work.

They celebrated the day with old fashioned ox roast where they cook a whole beef in a pit for 24 hours.  That takes a lot of work itself to prepare.

Everyone did a great job to make a great day.  I attribute most of that to Michael who oversees much of the farm's operation.

That's what it takes to keep a farm running today and the visitors could easily see the results.  

It's good to share good results.

Ed Winkle

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