Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Bachelor

"New way to find a farm wife?? Iowa Farmer Chris Soules has been named the latest star of TV show "The Bachelor".

Good luck Chris! I hope she can drive a tractor!!"

Our friend Suey in Illinois gave a great reply,

"Have to appear with no makeup.
Dirt under their  manicured fingernails.
Sort livestock together.
Catch corn on the go.  While trying to decipher hand signals.
Fix supper and wait for him to show up.    Or try to find the right field to deliver the meal to.
Send her on a parts run.   So much easier with cell phones.
Small town church.
Attendance at high school football or basketball game.
Wash and wax  a tractor or truck  and clean out the cab.
Scoop corn.
Pick the one that can understand the gps and autosteer  and help fix them. "

Now, I don't believe in choosing your life's mate like they do on this program but I doubt it's any worse than what many of us did.  It's too glamorous and public but it sure is a drawing card!

The young man does remind me of my Iowa farmer friends and I wish him luck.

Ed Winkle

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