Friday, September 19, 2014

Starting Farming From Scratch

There is always discussion on New Ag Talk about how to start farming.  "Just wondering how many people have started farming with zero outside help? No family deals. No help with land, machinery, or free labor. I don't know of anyone who has started from scratch in the last decade. If you have good for you and how did you do it? Have a safe harvest!"

Here is a friends reply:  "I did. Had 0. Started when I was in high school when I had 2 ac. of sweet corn. I ended up with a full time job and farmed on the side.

Company was sold 15+ years ago and out the door we all went. I was farming about 400 ac. on the side then. It has been at times a very rough road. Have farmed full time since lost job. Got my CDL and drive off/on with friend and his 2 dump trucks. Do whatever it takes. When I lost my job I had 22+ years with 4 weeks vacation, medical and so on. Would still be there if they were in business. That pay check every week sure helps.

I love farming though and feel good about what I can leave when I'm gone. We farm all no-till and I am learning about cover crops. Hope I leave ground much better than when I got it. At this point, we have never received one dime from anyone. Everything we have bought has come from us.

My dad didn't farm nor any other close family members. Just grew up in the country. Would I do it again? I'd say yes. But having that full time job still would have really helped."

How did you start farming?  If you didn't, why didn't you?

Ed Winkle


  1. I love the family aspect of the farm. I am fortunate to work with my dad and brother. Couldn't ask for a better life. Farming provides a sense of purpose. We are much the same in production ag. So many good people.

    I'm going to visit some time if you'll have me. I want to see the best of Ohio agriculture.

    David Seck

  2. You are welcome here David. The highest producing counties are Mercer and Darke Counties north of me and Wayne County is a main livestock producing county. Every county has some feature and Clinton and Highland is home.

    My email is open to those who want to chat or plan a visit.