Thursday, September 25, 2014

Corn Is Too Wet

This was not the year to plant a full season hybrid.  I almost changed all of my order last spring and in hind sight wished I had.  You can't live in hind sight, though.  Everyone wishes they had sold more at $5.00.

I shelled off some corn and it is way too wet to think about shelling so it is going to be a late fall for that hybrid, right there with the double crop beans.  The worst thing is I found a little diplodia and the corn that flowered the last week of June all has it.  Remember when I said corn doubled in height in one week?

Our last good rain was .4 inches and we have had the dry August we normally have in September this year.  That is not good for the late planted soybeans and there are tons of them in southwest Ohio.

So we did an even better thing, we played with the grand kids all week.  The last group just left and we ought to go visit the few we haven't seen.

Six grand kids had a great time on the old Mule last night, it was a pleasure to watch, making sure no one got hurt and only good, clean fun was had.  That's a full time job for two adults or more when they get into it!

Two lbs of meatloaf later and two packs of Bob Evan's sausage this morning just gave them more energy to do more.

I visited many friends within 10 miles today and we are all in the same boat, wet corn.  Two former students were putting in their remedy, a big SuperB dryer attached to a 7000 bushel wet bin.  That's pretty big out here in the sticks but so few farmers are left, that is what we are down to, big business.  It's on single phase and I told him he was going to dim the lights.  He said yes, that is what we told Kevin down the road with a similar setup.

I think I will drive down to Georgetown tomorrow and visit with some old friends at the Brown County Fair, known as the little state fair around here.

LuAnn read off the list of events going on around here this weekend and I said we would be lucky to make one or two of them!


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