Saturday, September 6, 2014

I Can't Keep Up

It's the first week of September and I can't keep up!  We are guilty of loading too much on our plate.  Every day of this month is packed to over flowing.  The popular Corn Festival starts tonight and the Highland County Fair ends Saturday night.

I just noticed my Ohio No-Till Field Day and my friend Bruce Goodwin's Pioneer Field Day are on the same day next week.  Tuesday, September 9 is too busy.

It's over 2 hours to New Bloomington Ohio each way, plus the talks and the field day.  I was hoping to meet Matthew at Bruce's at 5:30 pm but it's going to be close.  Bruce hosts the best local field day each year and many people come I've known for 40 years.

Bruce always has a good looking plot and I would think this might be his best.  We've had a really good growing season with plenty of rain.

It's been challenging just to keep the lawn mowed this summer.  I have been across it at least 40 times.  The 5 acre lot is getting to be a lot for grandpa to manage unless he drops some other things from his schedule.

I really enjoy scouting fields but I've had difficulty getting across all of them the past two summers.  I took on some plots for a company that has made it very challenging to get it all done.  I have been saying all summer "if I can just get through tomorrow or next week, things will get better.  Things have not gotten better, they just keep piling up.

I am thankful for everything but don't want a catastrophic event to happen to make me drop the things I like to do.

Am I getting too old to do them?

Ed Winkle

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