Sunday, September 14, 2014

Thank You Lord For Rain

Our friend John sent this sad but laughable article about how desperate the drought has made the rich people in California.

After seeing Michael's super double crop soybeans this week I have to say thank you Lord for rain.  We have had more rain than normal in this part of Ohio this year.  I told you some fields never even got planted near me.  We are looking at one of the best corn and soybean crops in history and many had their best wheat crop ever here in July.

Some farmers aren't thanking the good Lord for the cold, though.  Many posts are popping up about frosted beans in Iowa to the north this morning.  My friend took this picture in Minnesota.

It is 48 here and that is below our normal but things always average out.  I knew the days we planted double crop soybeans behind our wonderful wheat harvest this could be the year those double crops are a cover crop.  That's the risk we take planting soybeans in late June or July.

The double crops need another month of warm weather and we normally get that.  We might not this year, we just do not know.  We do know it's cool here today and colder west and north so the trend is not favorable.

Al Gore sure has made people talk about weather and climate change.  I figure those cycles were set in motion a long long time ago so I need not worry, I just need to cope.

I am thankful for everything I have this morning.  I am thankful for a very good week, we had some beautiful weather with this cold front that came through.

Thank you Lord for rain.  It makes everything grow but people still complain.

I send my blessings to all my good readers this beautiful Sunday morning.

Ed Winkle

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