Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Our family has been blessed with another lass today and that is what her name is, Colleen.  Colleen is Irish for girl or lass and from I have read was first used in 1828.

That name, lass, spread from Ireland to the states and other English speaking nations as it was pronounced as Colleen and peaked here in the 60's.  I never knew many females named Colleen in my life but I had one in Ag Class in the 80's and she was a fireball!  She was bright and cheerful and wasn't suited well for a room full of farm boys according to her teacher!

I give thanks for another healthy grand child today and wish her God's blessing on her every day of her life.  I know her sister is over joyed with her and her big brother will be "OK" with it.  What a beautiful family!

Our pastor asked this weekend if we are good stewards of our blessings as gratitude's.  I had never heard it said that way but its a very good question.  Do we take good care of our blessings?  I know I try, I know I try hard but its easy to take our blessings for granted.  I don't take them for granted today, I give thanks.

Giving thanks should reflect in my person every day I am alive and should pass down through the family to the last little child and beyond.  I tested my corn at a local elevator today and explained my blessings.  They were talking about chickens and said I have a whole flock!

I am more and more amazed God trusted me with all of this.  It's a big responsibility but He never gives us more than we can handle.  We are to help each other handle it and that's what I try and intend to do.

That's not Colleen in the picture but I am sure to have one soon.

Thank you Lord for your blessings and thank you Lord especially for Colleen today!

Ed Winkle


  1. Yours is not a family, Ed, it's a dynasty!
    Didn't you have some Irish-named family already, like a Caitlin or something? I seem to remember some past blog about it. The most Celtic family I had was from my sister's late boyfriend from Brittany, Yann (same root as John or Jean.)

  2. Yes, now we have Colleen, Claire, Corbin, Caoilin, Liam, Finnegan and Dierdre! When you say dynasty I think of Duck Dynasty! We need a creative family enterprise to earn that kind of dynasty!