Saturday, September 27, 2014

Farm Science REVIEW

We enjoyed a real nice Farm Science REVIEW last week.  I capitalized REVIEW because I found this review of what happened at FSR last week.

The biggest change I noticed was moving the antique tractors from the main review area to the demo plots area.  This allowed the Review to sell more commercial spots to exhibitors which means more cash.  The move angered some antique enthusiasts so much that the familiar, excellent Oliver Farm Machinery collection did not participate this year!

The foot traffic was lowest on Tuesday, highest on Wednesday and Thursday was in-between.  All 3 were excellent weather days, though, with no rain and great weather for field demonstrations.

I worked with a synthetic gypsum distributor, explaining the benefits of gypsum and helping farmers figure out how to actually get it applied.  We have the source, we pretty much have the trucks, the problem is we don't have enough spreaders.  I took many pictures of spreaders and talked to several salesmen.

It has become a show for people who don't make their entire living on the farm.  There are so many small tractor, lawn mower, heating and other types of displays.  They do have the big machinery there though so many of the "tractor drivers" attend the show.  I wonder how many full time farmers who operate large farm operations attend?  There are not that many in the whole state so it still could be a major percentage either way.

90% of the commodities or such are produced by only 10% of the farm population so they are very important people, very busy men and women.  Thankfully there are many 100-2000 acre farms left and I feel like a large percentage of them attend.  I noticed more and more people my age though who are retired or semi retired or close to retirement.  That's just the way it is.

Unless your career demands you be at the Review or you just enjoy attending, you might be too busy to visit.  136,000 people is a lot but not compared to the population of Ohio.

I enjoyed the review, just like I did in 1968.

Ed Winkle

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