Friday, December 6, 2013

World Clock Ticks On

I've never seen a world clock done like this one.  These things are all projections based on data.  Who's data and how accurate it is, now that is a point of conjecture.  Either way, they are mind boggling.  If you watch this clock a bit, it could get a bit depressing about human nature.  There is a smile button you can click on if that happens.  The world clock will tick on with or without you and I, so let's make the most of it!

I was reminded how depressing human nature can be last night.  I haven't showed LuAnn yet but someone pointed out that I was quoted as suggesting yield may be linked to soil glyphosate levels.  Some "liberal, left wing, anti GMO crowd" site took liberty at portraying what I said three days ago as Gospel.  Now the only Gospel is the real Gospel, I just stated my experience here and got misquoted for doing it.

The thing reads like I am promoting that you shouldn't use glyphosate.  You can do whatever you want, I just share my experience, strength and hope here.  You can take it or you can leave it!

The poster and my readers can do their own homework if they want.  Don't take my word as Gospel because it isn't, it's just one man's opinion!

I was scheduled to get an MRI on my wrist this morning.  With the storm working this way, I called to reschedule.  I don't want to get stranded 30 miles from home in an ice storm, though I think I could have made it.  Mark Denzler has already moved the date of his Christmas party to Saturday the 14th in Greenfield, Indiana.  Maybe I will see a few of you there?

The joys of aging are not that great but it's worth it every time I see one of our many children or grand children.  They all listen to me very well but be careful who you listen to, me included.



  1. Yeah you got railroaded pretty hard. Just means you are influential and respected. You do a good service with your social media participation. I want to thank you for that.

    You and I have different opinions. Thats ok.

    I will say that my involvement in ag talk was motivated by my cousin thinking gmo is blanket bad. It stings to have your hard work frowned apon.

    Keep sharing. Its hard work

    David Seck

  2. People who misquote others eventually get found out. Thanks for being honest with your experience; it may differ from some other folks, but the whole idea of listening to others is to get a broader perspective.

  3. Yes, that thread was scary to read. Hopefully the OP did not mean to be so ... mean, not always easy to communicate properly. I'd say one thing though: It was fun seeing this site quoting you. I guess they don't have to ask permission just for quoting, that's one exception to the copyright law, but they could remove it if you don't feel comfortable with it and ask them.

  4. Chimel, I don't need that kind of fun! I do accept it though, it comes with working and studying and reading and practicing and sharing on the World Wide Web! David, thanks for not adding to the confusion! I am not blanket anything I hope, I just share what I see that works for me! Rigorous honesty, Gorges for sure but what IS the truth for my farm? Thanks all for your very supportive comments and I sure hope you haven't wasted too much of your valuable time reading my contributions.


  5. I still don't understand why you don't go to Facebook and call them out for using your quote. I guess I am different. There is no way I would want to be associated with a anti ag group like that and I was aware of what they were doing ( which you are) I would be over there in a second. Heck several people from ag talk posted on the picture over there in your defense but you are no where to be found. I think that speaks volumes.

    1. Funny Ed. You have a funny way of showing it. You see like you like to associate yourself with crooks and liars.

  6. Anonymous, I did, early on, did it again. No response. Maybe I am using the wrong tactic.

    When you walk the hard walk, you get the hard talk, that is what I've learned.

    I only shared my perception, not my data. My data is private, I've given many hints.

    I never intended this blog to be any more than thought provoking.

    It sure pulled out the emotions on this one.

    Ed Winkle

  7. Funny that I replied positively to what the original poster said to me about this. But you deleted it. I thought you were for the free exchange of ideas. I guess that isn't so. Are you that set in your ways that you would delete anything that you wouldn't agree with? Looks like it to me.