Thursday, December 12, 2013

My Generation

What do you think of my generation?   Is it OUR generation?

"Fact: It was the Baby Boomers who, despite being raised by the Greatest Generation somehow parlayed the wealth of the Greatest Generation into creating and raising a generation of overweight, narcissistic, tuned-out, video game players."

My generation "got rich" way too quick.  Even though I didn't have all the luxuries, I have enough to make me realize the difference.  When you are poor, you really don't know what rich is.  I feel really rich today.  I woke up too early at 4:30 AM and walked outside to see the stars.  The Little Dipper was just east of our house.  It was so beautiful!

I took another look at our new farm this morning.  I think Sable agreed we don't have any less beans as neighbor Ed to the north.  His RoundUp Ready Soybeans did not surpass my non gmos.  They were good, though.

We are very, very blessed in this country.  You don't have to go far to see it, either.  I remember driving west on Interstate 10 in Texas and on the right hand was riches and on the left hand was poverty.  Shanty's and shacks dominated the landscape to the south.

I wrote this some months ago before harvest, counting my blessings.  Tonight I count them even more.  We had a good year.  Just bringing Keith, Jeff, Dr. Cooper and all you readers to our farm was worth every bit of my efforts, even more.

I would love to be in charge of distributing wealth.  I think I might be quite good with it.  I know right now all the places I would hit in southern Ohio, our state and our nation.  I even know where to distribute some wealth overseas.

What would you do if you "hit the lottery?"  Money has never been a driver for me, I can't work without it but I only need so much.  I've been given enough of it, so now how do you distribute that wealth?  Money is just a tool for me to use my talents, you don't need much.

Catholic charities impress me very much.  They exude the word charity with humbleness and meekness.  Our local charity, HOPE Emergency is run by two sisters of the faith and they are feeding and clothing close to a 1000 families in southwest Ohio right.  There are so many like that, I could spend, I mean invest millions there if I had it.

A few of my generation have been very benevolent but I think greed has pretty much become a representative word of my age group.

What do you think of my or "our generation?"

Ed Winkle


  1. A wise man once told us that there is nothing new under the sun.The TIMES may change to some degree, but I suspect we're the same old mix of saints and sinners.

  2. I think we are, Gorges! I like to hang around saints, they can be hard to find. Us sinners, we are a dime a dozen!

    I love the writings of King Solomon and it's getting easier to understand what he meant!

    To every season was my theme song for a long, long time. Now that it is truly winter here, I can't wait for spring!


  3. Ed...."redistributing wealth" sounds like a socialistic had me worried for a bit.....

    If I won the lottery I would pay my house/land off. Prob buy a side by side so the whole family could run around together in the summer. Set some aside for kids collage education.

    I have tried to help guys get going and giving them work. The final straw for me was when my buddy told me he could have more cash In his pocket collecting unemployment then driving to Kawasaki and working. Pay - gas < welfare check.

    Where do we draw the line? The Lord loves a cheerful giver.... Love your neighbor as your self.....when do we show hard love so people get there act together.

    Remember Pablo's Dog?

  4. Read carefully, I didn't say redistribute wealth, I said distribute MY wealth. I know that's a very personal question but all our income is going to end up somewhere, right?

    Where do we chose to distribute our wealth?