Tuesday, December 17, 2013


I am not a professional forecaster but I predict we go over our annual snow fall amount of 20 inches this winter.  I think we will be to that total soon, we have another inch this morning.

I am not complaining though, LuAnn was checking in with her friends in East Aurora NY last night and they already have four feet!  We watched grand daughter Brynn perform Seven Feet Of Snow at the 12th annual Murphy Theatre Christmas Show Friday night.  Her little hands would be doing the same thing in New York where her mom and family hails from!

We haven't had the snowmobile out yet but we could.  We had enough snow last weekend to ride but every one's been busy just doing their daily routine.  I sure don't have the time and energy to fool with it right now but maybe we will soon.

Does it snow where you live?  I would assume about half my readers are in the north where it snows and about half are in the south where it doesn't.

It's been cold, too!  It's been as cold as since LuAnn moved here in 2001.  I mostly only remember "post LuAnn," now, not much before!  She's occupied all my time since 1999 but I think the snow in East Aurora has followed her here now!

Actually, we all know it's cycles, it isn't global warming or some dreaded thing, it's been going on "forever."  When one year varies from the last year or so, people get all excited.

I've already burned a ton of wood pellets keeping our 1880 farm house warm, and it looks like the one in yesterday's painting.  I have also burned most of the wood on the wood porch twice already and it holds 3 big pickup loads.  Now wonder my arms are giving me problems.

Today I get my "pins and needles" or EMG test on my right arm to determine how much nerve damage I have.  It's given me fits some nights sleeping and fallen "asleep" during the day.

My arm and this weather has changed a lot of my travel plans and I am not happy with that but I am more at peace with it than you might imagine.

If I get too tired of snow or heating this house, I do have the means to go where I don't have to concern myself with either!

Hmmm, a year ago we were heading for New Zealand and I was in Chris's corn field on a warm sunny day in January.

Now, that is appealing!

Ed Winkle


  1. The old-timers welcomed the nitrogen in the snow, but then that was before we had so much pollution.

  2. I am glad to here someone talk about weather cycles. I think we are into another cold one. (so much for global warming)

  3. Gorges, I think the snow "rain's down" but purifies so many chemicals in a form our soils can "digest." Our pollution is reported to be cleaner than about anywhere, on earth, clean air and clean water legislation?

    Anonymous, I know man has had some impact on weather cycles, but really, how much? We are still a "drop in a bucket."

    If the next 100 years are like this one, I am glad I won't be here. I pray daily for my children and grand children and I have done the best I can for them.

    All I can do is what I can do today.

    That's about it!

    Thank you for the good comments!

    Ed Winkle


  4. winters on the Farm in Kansas.
    My Mom talked about Tunneling out to the barn to do chores in Labette Co. Kansas in the 30's
    and all of the tornadoes and dust storms that they dealt with. Back then. In Kansas and Oklahoma.
    Man Made ?
    Just natural Weather cycles I have always thought when you study the 100 year, Two Hundred Year Histories.
    In My opinion. If one lives Long enough.