Thursday, December 19, 2013

64 And Many More

If I wake up tomorrow, I will be 64!  Can you believe that?  I know it's true because I lived every day of it but it still astounds me.( I did wake up and I am 64)

I ask for your prayers today for my brother in law Tom Bow of Scottsdale, Arizona.  Tom became ill yesterday and now has been tested for every brain and spinal ailment known to man.  You know the routine.

I don't know my brother in law so well because he lives so far away.  From the stories I've heard and the days I've spent with him, he is a really good guy.  He needs our prayers.  He severely needs our prayers!

I pray for Tom and Zach and all of the very concerned family.  I pray that those two top neurosurgeons figures out what is wrong and gives Tom a miracle.

Even Google sent me a birthday present, I am not sure if this will work if you click on it or not but here goes.

Dr. Weber called and thinks I will benefit from carpal tunnel surgery.  Have any of you had it?  He recommended a surgeon I don't know but I trust my life with Dr. Weber.  He has been great to me and my family.  I credit him for saving me, two daughters and a grand daughter from a lot of suffering and perhaps worse.

A friend helped me work up a truck load of wood yesterday and my right arm is on fire.  I can barely type this morning.

I just read the market prices and you know I think it's being highly manipulated.  It won't go up because it is driven down and and it won't go down because there is such demand.  Farmers are good at producing food but this just doesn't explain itself.

Have a great day, 12/19/49 was for me.



  1. Happy Birthday! And I'll be glad to pray.

  2. Happy birthday Ed, and all the best for your brother in law.

  3. Thank you folks, still no stable news to report. I'll keep on praying and thank you for yours.

    You never know what life is going to hand you.