Saturday, December 7, 2013

Congratulations To Ohio's Outstanding Young Farm Couple!

My friends Nathan and Jennifer Brown were named Ohio Farm Bureau's Outstanding Young Farm Couple last night in Columbus.  Here is the video they presented at the annual conference where they were named as the winners of the selection.

I think I first noticed Nathan at our farm on Horseshoe Road near Hillsboro, although I am sure I met him before then.  He stopped to talk one day when I was working there and we've been friends ever since.  I asked him how he got his start in farming, as it is so hard to start a farm operation as a young man with little help.

I asked who his ag teacher was and I remembered him from FFA years before.  He told the story of signing up for agriculture class and then finding out he wasn't included on the roster.  He told a mentor friend what happened and the next day he suddenly was on the ag roster!

Since then he has worked up a sizeable operation for a young man.  We still visit from time to time and I keep up with him on Facebook.  I love to drive by his good looking fields with his and his wife's name proudly displayed on each field with their phone number.  No one does that around here unless they are selling something!

My sincere congratulations to Nathan and Jennifer for their outstanding work!  Their honor is well deserved!  I dedicate this neat video of Mount Victoria in New Zealand to their achievement!

Ed Winkle


  1. Thank you Ed. It is an honor to receive this award. Many people including you have given me opportunities, advice, and encouragement over the years and it is because of you and them I have been able to succeed. We are proof that getting into farming is possible. Hard work and opportunity is all it takes, well good neighbors too!

  2. No, thank you for your hard work! We need more stories like that around here. I am impressed with your work in making grain bin safety more successful with our fire and rescue departments. I bet that will save lives. I hope you didn't mind me telling your FFA story, as a retired ag teacher, I think that is special. Blessings to you and your family this holiday season and every day.