Monday, December 16, 2013

Thank You Followers!

I am honored to have 121 "Followers" today on HyMark High Spots.  I never dreamed of anything like that when I started this blog nearly five years ago.  This is how our house looks today just like it did five years ago when this was painted by our neighbor.

What is a "Follower?"

A "Follower" is someone who follows my blog.  You can become an "official" follower by following the steps described above in the link.

You can see who I follow by reading about me on my blog description.  Gorges, Budde and are a few if the blogs listed that I follow:

I didn't even know what a "blog" was until my wife LuAnn challenged me to write one five years ago.  I took up her challenge and here we are five years later!

Blogging is very challenging but very rewarding.  Even my own children have told me they learned things and learned things about me by reading this blog.

Blogging is great if you like to write a little each day to share a little bit about your life.

I thank all of my followers, especially the ones who signed into Google to proclaim they follow me!

It is quite a responsibility!

When will we hit 200 followers?  There are many blogs with less than 200 followers and HyMark High Spots is one of those today.

I never set out to have so many followers, so I thank you!

Ed Winkle


  1. You put a lot of effort into your blog, Ed. You deserve even more readers than you have; hope you get them!

  2. you don't take into account the lurkers....people lurk on agtalk and don't post....people lurk your blog too...look how often your blog comes up when you google about corn, beans, wheat, nongmo, ect...

  3. I bet lots more followers and readers via the RSS feed too, like I do.

  4. I am just thankful for you three right now! You are very encouraging.

    It's been a labor of love, some days just labor but mostly love.

    Thanks all,


  5. Ed
    Thank you for all of your hard
    Always Remember.
    You are entitled to your Opinion.
    And I have found you to be respectful
    Of others opinions.
    You do offer a wholesome and diverse
    Real life Blog site.
    Think always on Good.
    For Evil lurks close by.
    Merry Christmas Ed
    And All.
    Thank you Ed.

    1. Thank you John, you are a treasured friend.