Sunday, December 29, 2013

Long Live The Family Farm(three years later)

I had a great day in the woods with Eric and grandson Tyler.  Eric helped me change the oil in our 550 Kawasaki Mule and we headed for our woods to try out my gift from Santa.  It's a 40 volt Ryobi chain saw.  LuAnn had doubts it would do what we needed done but Eric and I quickly saw the advantage of a battery powered chain saw.

That little saw looks like a "best buy" to me.  We cut Ohio wild grapevine all afternoon, some bigger than 6 inches in diameter.  Yes you can burn them like firewood and I've done that but a man has got to be pretty desperate to burn grapevine!

We have all of these black walnut, maple, cherry, oak, ash and other trees being choked out by grapevine.  LuAnn and I cut all of the little ones we could cut this fall with heavy duty, long handled, ratchet pruners.  These vines are so big you need a chain saw and I didn't want to carry a gas powered saw all over that woods.

So I asked Santa for a battery powered chain saw and as usual, Santa stepped up to the plate.  I opened up my new 40 volt Ryobi chain saw, took the batter out of the charger, filled it with bar oil and headed for the woods.  We had fun cutting vines, showing Tyler how to swing like Tarzan and identifying trees.  I need to bring a tree bark ID guide with me because he started asking lots of questions.  Eric and I want to know anyhow so it's good for all of us.

 I have cut several hundred vines so far so I expect to see a lot more tree growth soon.  I bet I paid for that little saw in one day's cutting, that is how invasive that vine is.  We need to practice more safety though, we accidentally felled an old limb on top of Sable that knocked her to the ground.  She looks a little rough this morning but she acts like she is OK.  You can never be too safe in the woods or anywhere, but she loves chasing the Mule through the creek and exploring the woods.

It's raining this morning so I am very happy all we got done today.  Eric needed a day in the woods and so did I.  Long Live The Family Farm!  I have lots of links in that blog and I hope you enjoy the text and pictures!



  1. You're right about grapevine being invasive. Even though it's native, it can be nearly as destructive as kudzu.

  2. Pictures wouldn't do it justice, Gorges. Most we sawed Saturday looked like giant boa constrictors choking our trees to death!