Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Two Cent Corn

I just watched one of my favorite TV shows called Ag PhD.  It's all about the antics of Brian and Darren Hefty and how they share with us viewers their effort to farm better.  They have been calling me once or week or so, or I should say Janell does for them.   We talk a minute or two on an agronomy topic on their Back Forty Show on Sirius channel 80 Rural Radio.

Today on the TV program they showed where they hosted 100 kids on a field trip at their farm and Brian invited them to take an ear of corn home so they would really get the feel of their lesson!  As you can imagine, the corn kernals was strewn all over the bus and the school and the teachers asked that maybe they should carry the ears back to school next time!

I had to laugh out loud.  If those were my high school students, there would be bruises and maybe some teeth knocked out!  Seriously, teaching was that unpredictable when I taught.

The interesting part was they showed where an average ear of corn is worth two cents!  On a good marketing year like last it might be worth three cents but you get the picture.

"We have to harvest lots of pennies to make a profit," Brian said and that is ever so true.

So how are you going to keep up with low prices this year?  Are you going to try to raise more ears of 2 cent corn or try to hit 3 cent corn or raise either one of them cheaper?

Most of the discussion in Crop Talk the last month has been discussing how to do it cheaper.  I always had to do it cheaper, now how do I do it better and more efficiently?

Merry Eve of Christ's Mass to the world!


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